Our method we have used to get our accurate results was to use surveys. This allows us to have a better view of what most people prefer or reacts to the situation. The more answered questions we have, the more reliable our statements can be. With the help of our SST students, we would be able to see a link between what we are trying to show and prove. 

This are the questions found in the survey: 
1) What facility in school do you think is mostly used? (Open ended and multiple choice) 

2) What would be a good implementation to replace the empty classrooms/unused rooms? (Open ended) 

3) How would you rate our school for maximising our school facilities? (1-5) 

4) What is your opinion on the unused classrooms in Block B? (Multiple Choice and Open Ended) 

5) Do you think that these unused school facilities would have an effect on our studies? (yes/no) 

6) Is there any facilities in our school that you think is very redundant?(Open Ended) 

7) Will then unused facilities in school affect the students?(Open Ended)   

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