Discussion and Findings

Upon analysing the data from the survey, we have found that many people did not rate the school to have used the school's facilities to it best. People also thought that not using our school facilities to its best would have a bad effect on our learning. People thought that the Classrooms at Block B were redundant and when asked to suggest a useful facility, people suggested to make the empty classrooms at block B to be either a science lab - which consist of biology lab , chemistry lab and biotechnology lab, with the addition of electronics lab. Finally, people commented that they wasted lesson times as the rooms they needed to use for a specific lesson was not booked by the teacher and some other teacher had already booked it. Thus, they had to waste time to go to another classroom or go back to their original. If we change the classrooms at Block B to labs and facilities that most of us are using, we could efficiently decrease the time wastage of lessons.

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